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The Beautiful Mouth The trouble with this place is its expectations. (160)

Marcel Dalio  Sunday, November the 20th is the anniversary of Marcel Dalio’s death in 1983. It was the end of a serendipitous life. You know him. He was a citizen of the world. (994)

Butch  I saw the settlement yesterday. Knew when I saw it, I’d have to write something about it. In some way, it is the end of a long tortuous road, yet, of course, in another more frightening way, not really the end at all. (2700)

Piss Off.  So they’ve got a photograph of four Marines taking a leak on some dead guys? And this is news? I am shocked! Shocked! That there’s gambling going on in here! Oh, the humanity! (350)


She would never say where she came from
Yesterday don’t matter if it’s gone
While the sun is bright
Or in the darkest night
No one knows
She comes and goes… (8456)

10 November   Today, all over the world, Marines will eat birthday cake. It is being baked this morning on every Navy ship and in every mess hall in the Marine Corps…(1405)

American Splendor, indeed.   He was resigned, fatalistic even, his whole life long. He was obsessive-compulsive and clinically depressed so it came as no surprise. He knew it would end this way. … (400)

Dry Hustle.   I happened to catch this morning’s interview with Michael Smith on The Today Show. Mr. Smith is in the news… (1730)

The Red and the Black.   Standing in line at five am outside the Oakland California office of Manpower with a friend of mine who happens to be black… (300)

Smokes.   Saw a strikingly pretty young woman yesterday sitting in a newish SUV at a red light take the opportunity to light a cigarette… (350)

Charlie Potatoes   “I’m gonna buy me a pair of buckskin shoes, with a brand-new suit and a silk shirt. And I’ll be Charlie Potatoes, comin’ down the street… (7100)

Z.   Had an epiphany last night. Not a very profound one. It arrived as many epiphanies do, late at night… (797)

Shit   As in ‘stuff’, not as in, well…shit. Just stuff on a Sunday morning. My subject lines usually just come up out of some place I don’t really know… (1519)

Circles   We’ve had house guests for a few days, in town for the festivities… (595)

Ed Browne.   He was an Annapolis grad, you know? Came home to San Diego. Came home before me. He was a lifer, a career man… (440)

Axel   Well, the first thing you have to understand about Axel is he was a bastard. I think everybody would tell you that… (1089)

Nice American Boys   When they blew Leach in half, we were still trying to stuff something into the hole in Trey’s chest… (2421)

Lyle   A captain approached me on the parade ground… (2595)

Esther   On the evening my Mother died, she had fixed herself a sandwich and a tall glass of iced tea… (1183)

nine eleven   I didn’t intend writing anything very lengthy concerning the various tragedies surrounding 9/11… (491)

Hiroshima, mon amour   I never thought I’d see the day that we’d witness the resurrection of nuclear options back into the public discourse… (183)

Incidental Sobbing   We’ve had some bad news. It isn’t the first time we’ve heard these words. It won’t be the last… (420)

The Interview   This is the transcript of an interview (actually two interviews) and that should explain the sometimes vague quality… (3891)

The Man in the Doorway    They came in low and hot, close to the trees and dropped their tail in a flare… (558)

Small Sums   When Sculley died, Ribisi called me up to help clean out the apartment… (776)

Ball   The air was alive with noise, men calling out with programs for sale… (1333)

Our Game   When we smell the hotdogs and hear the crack of the bat, we’re young men again… (636)

Hyacinth and Crocodiles   “I remember,” Cardoso wrote, “that the press corps of the world, when they returned, invariably led their pieces with references to the hyacinth pads and other flotsam floating inexorably along the Zaire toward the sea… (3123)

Huron   You know, sometimes in mid-life, a man turns a corner and looks up the road and realizes there’s nothing else within reach, that everything of significance has already happened in his life… (2531)

An open letter to locdog   Well, you’re gone. If you’re to be believed, one last time, you are now… (635)

The Hospital   I parked the truck far out in the parking lot surrounded by a couple of hundred empty spaces… (904)

The Basin   By this time, I was traveling with the girl and we ended up at the beach… (344)

The Prisoner   I could hear the chopper. I could see the grunts coming up the hill with the kid… (1955)

Topanga   I knew her before she was published, when she lived in that little house out on the point… (456)

First Days   If you’ve stumbled in here it’s likely by mistake. You’ll find the pickings slim…

A word about copyrights and permission to use    These are my words. Poor as they may be, they are my children…