Hiroshima, mon amour

by Michael Ryerson

I never thought I’d see the day that we’d witness the resurrection of nuclear options back into the public discourse. I thought we’d learned this horror, once and for all. Apparently even this horror fades and we once again find unprincipled men and women, eager to demonstrate their national security bona fides, perfectly willing to rattle even this most terrible of all sabers. It is beyond comprehension. The Democratic leadership has demonstrated damned little leadership and the Republican minority has demonstrated a continuing fascination with testosterone as a renewable fuel source and now we have an Imperial Presidency that, if the elections are allowed to go forward, will be waiting for the next Occupant. There is no guarantee martial law isn’t in our near future. The drumbeats are clearly audible. There is also no guarantee that the public isn’t going to elect one of these Republican nincompoops. But on the chance a Democrat ascends to the Throne of the Ellipse, he or she will occupy an office unrecogizable to Jefferson. Happy Anniversary, Hiroshima. Who would have guessed the scars could be forgotten?

Michael Ryerson